Fantastic Day on Superior!!

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Fantastic Day on Superior!!

Postby chad » July 25th, 2012, 3:12 pm

So yesterday started out rainy and miserable here in the cities, and after looking at the forecast for Duluth (sunny, windy and warm), the decision was made to head to Duluth. Superior did not disappoint! The water was the warmest I have ever encountered on the big lake. We came over the hill and were greeted with 20 mph winds, waist to shoulder high waves and tons of sunshine. It was great to get a session in with Brian, Deb, Jim, Luke, and a few others! I spent most of my day on the 2012 Slingshot Celeritas. The more I ride this board the more I love it. Even in the chop the board was smooth and fun. While the waves on Superior are not as good as those in the ocean, it was so much fun to carve on the waves and sky a few boosts now and then. In the evening, the low angle of the sun lit up the waves so nicely. I did not want to leave, but was completely spent. I can't wait for a BIG day on Superior, we are so overdue! Great to see all of you on the water, until next time.....
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