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Postby JRN » August 8th, 2012, 5:41 pm

KEITH & RANDY WERE KIND ENOUGH TO INVITE ME, ALONG WITH THEIR KIDDOS, TO THE GORGE. The accomodations were nice with great views of Mt. Hood & the River. We had 5 straight days of good winds, and enjoyed the experience: There were good restaurants, a nice vibe from the locals, kiting with Hobes & Laura, etc. The only negative was losing my gear: I had transitioned too close to the WA side, lost power, the kite dropped, it then mega gusted and pulled me off my board. By the time I re-launched, by board had been carried down stream by the current. I decided to body drag to the White Salmon Sandbar. I was assured by the locals that it would drift to shore, and I would get a call since my cell number marked it. Later, former MNsotan John Moody, posted on NWKITE that he had witnessed a boat pulling up and grabbing my board off the launch. I thought I would get a call, a ransom demand, or some chance to get it back, but I still haven't heard from anyone. Laura later posted that she had lost a kite under similar circumstances. So, while we can usually enjoy ourselves without worry, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be mindful that there are a few dishonest souls out there who are willing to take advantage.
Oh yeah, also carry a spare, or you may be shopping for another.
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