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Learning to kiteboard can be an intimidating and challenging experience!  Dynamik Kiteboarding aims to teach you the incredible sports of kiteboarding and snowkiting through effective instruction focused on rapid rider progression and saftey.

We offer lessons year round and are committed to getting you kiteboarding as quickly and safely as possible.  We work to make sure your learning experience is rapid and safe by tailoring it to meet your individual needs.  Our lessons will give you a solid foundation of skills that will allow you to enjoy kiteboarding for many years. 

Past students have ranged from 11 to 70 years old.  With the proper instruction, safety gear, and equipment the sport of kiteboarding is open to just about everyone.

Winter Snowkiting Lessons>>>      
Summer Kiteboarding Lessons>>>

Why Should I Take Lessons?  
Lessons are about safety, both for you and for those around you.   Most people who have watched kiteboarders do not realize how much power these large kites can generate.  The same kite that allows an experienced kiter to get 30 feet in the air can be dangerous in the hands of someone without instruction.  The lessons will help keep you and your gear safe, keep other kiters safe, and speed up your learning curve.  During the lesson you can use our equipment and save the wear and tear on your own gear.  A great lesson experience with rapid progression will keep you motivated and coming back for more.    

Whether Kiteboarding in the summer or  Snowkiting in the winter, kiteboarding lessons are always in season.  Come join us for lessons and find out why kiteboarding is America's fastest growing sport.

Call us now at: 651.247.5938 or email at info@dynamikkiteboarding.com

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