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Anyone can learn to ride the open water with Dynamik Kiteboarding!
Open water kiteboarding in the summer offers long days, warm winds, fantastic flatwater and wave riding opportunities.  Imagine riding Minnesota's lakes for hours with no boat pulling you - just the wind powering your riding all day!  Unlike waterskiing and wakeboarding where all the pull is transmitted through your arms, the force while kiteboarding pulls you through your harness and is transmitted to your core.  This allow Kiteboarders to ride for long periods even when the wind is strong. 

Our instruction style and lesson program has progressed throughout years of fine tuning.  All of our kiteboarding lessons are focused on safety and rider progression and have proven to be highly effective.  Lessons with Dynamik Kiteboarding will help ensure your learning curve is rapid, safe, and fun. 

We know your time and money are important to you so we will do our best to get you out on the water only when t
here is sufficient wind.  We do not require you to prepay for your lessons either.

Dynamik Kiteboarding guides you throughout your series of kiteboarding lessons, ensuring your experience is safe and fun while speeding up your learning curve. 

What are you waiting for?  Become a part of our growing kiteboarding community today!
Start planning your next life adventure!  To schedule a lesson call us at 651.247.5938 or email us at

Intro to Kiteboarding
Cost:  $100    Length:  3 hours

The Intro to Kiteboarding class is the best way to get introduced to the sport.  This ground based class teaches you the basic fundamentals of kiteboarding.  The class covers the following topics:
  • Wind Window and Kite Theory
  • Types of Kites
  • Launch Site Selection
  • Kiteboarding Weather
  • Fundamentals of Kite Flying
  • Controlling the Power of the Kite
This class is a prerequisite for the next lesson.  A majority of the class is spent flying a trainer kite to establish the  fundamentals of kite control.  This lesson is taught in a number of locations around the Twin Cities.  The locations are selected based on the day's weather conditions.

Kiteboarding 1
Cost:  $270     Length:   3-7 hours  max of 4 students/instructor

This lesson builds on the knowledge learned in the Intro to Kiteboarding lesson and introduces the students to the large inflatable kites used for kiteboarding in the summer.  This class focuses on the following skills:
  • Kite Setup
  • Gear Selection
  • Safety Systems/Procedures
  • Self Launching/Landing
  • Assisted Launching/Landing
  • Self Rescue
  • Powered Body Drag
This class emphasizes the proper setup and safety techniques needed for kiteboarding.  A majority of this class takes place on the water and culminates with powered body drags.  Body dragging allows you to feel the power of the kite and learn to fly it correctly without having to worry about the kiteboard.  Body dragging is also a very important technique to retrieve your board while riding, and can be used to self rescue. 

Our on the water lessons are usually taught at Lake Waconia, White Bear Lake and Lake Mille Lacs.  If conditions allow, we can hold this lesson in other locations too.  Contact us for alternate locations.

Kiteboarding 2 - Private Lesson
Cost:  $125/hour   Length:  2 hour minimum

This private one-on-one lesson is where it all comes together.  After a short review of safety systems and launching/landing techniques, we put a board under your feet and get you riding.  From here, the smiles continue to get bigger and bigger.  We work on water starts, riding, board control, staying upwind and transitions.  This lesson can be taught at Mille Lacs, Lake Waconia, White Bear Lake, Lake Washington or any number of other lakes around the state.  In this lesson the use of a jet ski and radio equipped helmets help to maximize your time on the water.

Private Kiteboarding Lesson
Cost:  $125/hour  Length:  2 hour minimum

Private lessons can also be scheduled if you are looking to work on more advanced techniques.  Are you having difficulty staying upwind, completing powered transitions, looking for that first big jump, learning frontroll or backrolls?  Schedule a private lesson and we can tailor it to your individual needs and goals. 

Board Skills Lesson
Cost:  $150  Length:  2 Hour One-on-One Private Lesson

This Private one-on-one lesson is geared toward the student with little to no previous wakeboarding or snowboarding experience.  We focus on getting you up and riding a kiteboard behind the jet ski.  Emphasis of the lesson is on deep water starts, riding heelside both directions (necessary for kiting), transitions and general board control.  This lesson is not mandatory, but is a great benefit to those students looking to work on their board skills without having to worry about the kite.

Supervised Riding
Cost:  $60/Hour  Length:  2 Hour Minimum

Are you looking to get out and ride but not quite confident enough to go at it alone?  Try a supervised riding session.  While not a full lesson, we will keep an eye on you from the jet ski and help you out if you have any problems.  We will also be there to shuttle you back upwind at the end of your session.

Please bring the following items with you to your summer kiteboarding lesson:
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking Water
  • Wetsuit if you have one, even in summer the weather can be cool and we will be in the water for long periods
  • Sunglasses
  • Booties or a life jacket (we can also provide these for you)
  • Patience and a Positive Attitude!
Side effects may include:
  • Huge Non-Stop Smiles
  • Large Amounts of Adrenaline
  • Fun with Your New Found Friends
  • A Lifetime of Riding
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you up and riding as quickly and safely as possible.  Contact us today to schedule a lesson.
Phone:  651.247.5938         Email:  info@dynamikkiteboarding.com

See you on the Water!

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